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Tree Fence Ideas

The fence is a necessary thing: here a couples of tree fence ideas. It will mark the boundaries of the site and protect the territory from uninvited guests. Ideally, of course, the landscape will also decorate itself – but such an ideal is usually expensive, so many holidaymakers choose even unpresentable, but budget fences made of rabbit or profiled flooring. Is it possible to make the fence inexpensive, but beautiful and original? Yes, you can!

tree fence Ideas

The original fence does not need to be expensive.

Looking at this selection, you will see that the craftsmen are able to build fences even from throwing material – brushwood and scrap branches. Like this, look at there tree fence ideas:

tree fence ideas

It is not difficult to build such a fence as long as there are enough branches.

With such a fence you will forever forget about the problem of waste disposal after the annual trimming in the garden, because the fence will need to be regularly increased by adding another portion of “building material” from above, when the previous settling.

One significant disadvantage of the idea is that it will require many, many branches. You do not have such reserves? That’s okay, let’s find another solution!


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