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Landscape design tips: 7 professional organization tips

There is a large area in front of you, and you need landscape design tips? Here is a whole instruction from a specialist – it will help you to do everything correctly and without rush.

Of course, the planning of the site should a landscape designer. But the landlord himself should understand what he wants and how it will be more convenient for him, and this is sometimes quite difficult. Elena Bulagina, an architect, will help you to understand the situation and make up your mind.

1. Landscape design tips – exchange plan

Landscape design tips

It’s worth painting the area in scale – and everything becomes much simpler! To do this, you need to make measurements of the overall dimensions with a tape measure, and then transfer them to a sheet of paper, such as A3 size.

After measuring, you should specify the existing farm buildings, paths, trees, bushes, visually mark higher and lower places, mark the sides of the world. With this visual support to understand their desires and possibilities will be much easier.

2.Landscape design tips – Zoning

Now it is important to decide where on the site will be three main areas: residential – home, summer kitchen, cottage area, household – garage, hozblock, greenhouse or vegetable garden, recreation area – playground, gazebo, pool, barbecue area, playground.

3. Landscape design tips – Binding residential and household buildings

We move from more to less – we place each of the buildings in detail, focusing on the sides of the world and guided by the existing size of the territory. Remember that plants need light, and any building is a source of shadow, so buildings are better located in the northern part of the site.

4.Landscape design tips – Layout of tracks

It is high time to apply them to the measurement plan. In landscape design tracks are divided into main ones – they are wider and carry a heavy load, and secondary ones – they can be made narrow.

Think over what materials and colors you would like to see in the design of each track, how long and shape they will be. By the way, the winding track will be longer, but it will be similar to the natural landscape.

5.Landscape design tips – Living hedges

Landscape design tips

Live hedges are good in that they allow you to visually zoning the area or design its components. In terms of height, hedges are conventionally divided into high, from two meters, which are more often used on the borders of the site, medium – from one to two meters, which are used for zoning within the site, and low, up to one meter, which are used to design paths, lawns, flower beds.

Depending on the number of rows in the fence are single rows, where all plants are planted on the same line, two-row and multi-row, which occupy a large area and are suitable for very large plots, gardens, parks.

A hedge may be molded, requiring pruning as the plants grow, and free-growing when the plants do not tolerate molding well, but retain the shape of the crown for a long time.

6.Landscape design tips – The organization of flower beds

Landscape design tips

Almost no landscape area can do without flowers. When organizing a flower bed, you should add fertilizer, compost to the ground, and it will be correct to mark its borders, for example, using a curb. For this purpose, you can use more stones, pebbles, crushed stone or painted sand.

7.Landscape design tips – Alpine slide device

Alpine hill is a landscape composition that creates the effect of unforgettable mountain scenery with wild stones, terraces, winding relief and ledges. Alpine hill’s height is chosen taking into account the site’s area and its harmonious location in comparison with other plants, fences, and buildings.

Before creating the hill you need to understand how many tiers it will have, what area it will take, what color scheme will prevail. Stones are better to use hard rocks such as granite, marble, basalt. Plants for the Alpine Hill are chosen as low and slow-growing.


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