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How to make a mini-pond

How to make a Mini-pond under a gutter pipe from a car tire?

Water flowing from the gutter pipe directly to the ground, does not give either aesthetics or usefulness. In addition, excessive moisture is harmful to the home.

I always wanted to somehow organize the flow of water, crashing from the roof in the rain. The idea arose how to make a mini-pond. For some reason, in principle, I did not want to invest money in this idea, but to use literally what is lying under your feet.

how to make a mini-pond

The basis decided to make a car tire. I cut off the excess rubber from the edge, made the bottom of a piece of roofing felt by melting it with a gas burner. The roofing felt was well glued to the tire.
The finished container did not dig flush with the ground, and I wanted the pond to be slightly elevated. It was still necessary to provide that in case of overflow during the rain, the water flowed out of the pond only from one edge and not towards the wall of the house. Therefore, I dug the tire with a slight slope. The place where the water should flow, I made a roofing felt laid out with stones.

how to make a mini-pond

Then, from the ditch with water, which is near our site, I dug out water-loving herbs and planted them near my water body. I do not know what these plants are, but I often noticed that they grow in flooded areas. I have planted some more grains, forget-me-not, astilla, and even mint.

how to make a mini-pond
I decorated the pond with stones, but the inner rubber walls of the tire were very visible, and I definitely did not like it. In general, I do not like it when you can see the edges of plastic or film in artificial reservoirs. That is why I decided to lay out the bottom and walls of the reservoir with stones. If you want to know how to make a mini-pond. That’s how/

I liked the result. It turned out quite naturally.
Except for some minor flaws, the pond looks quite natural. Wild herbs, of course, have grown a little, and I may later replace some of them with cultural, garden plants.

It was a little sad that the water did not stay in it. I wanted to get clay or silt somewhere, to smear the tire inside and re-lay the pebbles. And now, recently i found that the water stopped leaving, you can see the silt itself, the cultural layer. Now this pond is real, with water!

I have it overwinter wonderfully. Somewhere I read that from artificial ponds it is not necessary to pour water for the winter, you can just put there something voluminous, like a log, which I did.

The last thing I want to say is that I dream of making another pond under the drainpipe on the other side of the house. But it will be in a very different style, not natural, like this one. I want to do something more monumental of brick, concrete, perhaps with a mosaic. Maybe it will be some kind of bowl, it’s hard to say… The idea is not quite mature yet.

how to make a mini-pond

There is no edge and no limit to creative thought. I hope ypu like the idea how to make a mini-pond.

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