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12 ideas how to make a cozy corner in the garden. Part 2

Let’s continue talking about cozy places in the garden

7. How to make a cozy corner – Peace and Will

how to make a cozy corner
Water is a truly universal helper: it promotes relaxation and at the same time brings an element of spontaneity into the environment – in the center of the spring it is so boisterous! To keep your feet always dry, build a wooden planking near the pond.

A cozy platform, which protrudes above the water surface, is an ideal solution for those who love to watch the movements of fish or dragonflies.

8. How to make a cozy corner- relax

how to make a cozy corner
It is not necessary to build a stone wall to zonate the space; sometimes it is enough to symbolically mark the borders. A semicircle of paving stones on a lawn is a vivid example of how to cope with the “separation” task with minimal expense.

Important: a paving stone should be sunk deep into the ground so that it does not interfere with mowing.

9. How to make a cozy corner – Abroad

how to make a cozy corner

Thanks to the pergola, even if it has the simplest structure, the place for rest looks like a room. Such a structure is traditionally landscaped with curly plants. To give it a special charm, attach an awning and side screens to the strong beams, and hang pots with ampels.

10. How to make a cozy corner – Your own niche

how to make a cozy corner
The bench takes up minimal space, and if it is surrounded by walls and build a roof, in terms of comfort it will not be inferior to the arbor. Place an improvised “house” among the large bushes, and you will be guaranteed a good rest.

And one more important point: arrange the bench so that it offers the most beautiful view of the garden.

11. How to make a cozy corner – Undercover

how to make a cozy corner
Low stone walls, such as the imitation of ruins, are an excellent “tool” for dividing the site and creating small secluded corners. If such a building is turned “face-to-face” to the southwest, the stones will accumulate solar heat during the day and give it away in the evening.

The walls made of old clinker or natural stone look especially advantageous.

12. How to make a cozy corner –  mini-water

how to make a cozy corner
Measured water splash is the ideal background “music” for relaxation of body and soul, whether it is a fountain in an old galvanized bath or a waterfall in a simple rectangular stainless steel container.

Now a suitable art object can be found for any garden style.

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