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How to decorate a garden: 20 ideas for a garden design. Part 1

Vacation passes, and your garden has not yet been transformed? We will help you with ideas on how to decorate a garden.
There is no gardener that has not seen in his dreams a beautiful garden with original flowerbeds, designer finds, cozy lighting and thoughtful irrigation system. But as soon as there is time to create this garden of dreams, all ideas and designs as if the wind blows away. If you don’t have enough inspiring ideas for your start, we’ll share them! For you – 20 interesting ideas for the design of the dacha area.

How to decorate a garden: succulents

How to decorate a garden

Tree trunks and intricate snags will always be useful in the farm. Such floral fantasy, for example, will fit into the design of any site.

How to decorate a garden: a multi-level flower bed for a small garden

How to decorate a garden

Multi-level structures can be used not only for flower beds, but also for growing vegetables or berries.

How to decorate a garden: Fence with your own hands

hand made fence

The fence of colored pencils is not a new idea, but it is still in demand. You can also use it when decorating children’s play areas on the site.

How to decorate a garden: sculptures for the garden

Creative romantic sculpture from natural materials. In the Global Network there is a sea of instructions for the production of various garden figures, vases and decorations, including plaster, concrete and wood. Garden sculptures show the character of the owners and give individuality to the garden.

How to decorate a garden: creative flowerbeds on the fence

It would seem that the old bags will certainly not be useful! But no – and they can open a second breath. If you were just planning to clear the closet of unnecessary bags, take an idea for a note.

How to decorate a garden: a mosaic in the design of the garden area

How to decorate a garden

Do not hurry to throw away bags with bat tiles, colored glasses, shards of dishes after repair – they will be useful for creating garden decor elements. The mosaic is relevant for the design of paths, vases, facades and fountains.

How to decorate a garden: flowerbeds with your own hands – garden design ideas

And don’t throw away old boots with boots either: they make fantastic vintage beds. For a note: if you dip the boots in concrete mortar and decorate them with shards of bat tile, the flowerbeds will become author’s ones.

How to decorate a garden: flowerbeds and flower beds at the cottage

How to decorate a garden

Still can’t part with your grandmother’s favorite chair? Is it a pity to throw away? Make a flowerbed out of it, too. No one will have such a flower bed for sure. By the way, from an old chest of drawers or desk you can pull out the boxes, generously fill them with earth and plant flowers.

How to decorate a garden: a beautiful flower garden with minimal investment

“Sprinkle” flowers can be from any container that idly lies at your cottage: from a barrel, a big bat vase, a can, a bucket in the end.

How to decorate a garden:pond at the cottage

How to decorate a garden

You can even create a small pond from a tin bath dug into the ground. And you can buy a modest or a solid reservoir for a holiday pond (such plastic baths are in every large store for gardeners). It remains only to decorate your personal pond with picturesque boulders, flower beds and frogs.

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