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How to decorate a garden: 20 ideas for a garden design. Part 2

Ideas for a garden design: beautiful birdhouses for the garden

Ideas for a garden design

It is always pleasant to drink in your garden a cup of tea under the overflow of bird voices. If you did not learn to clump birdhouses at school, you can glue them from the old service.

Ideas for a garden design: rest area at the cottage: garden design under the antiquity

Ideas for a garden design

It is impossible to imagine a garden of your dreams without a cozy corner to relax. For example, in such a vintage elegant version.

Ideas for a garden design: Beautiful flowerbeds at the cottage

Ideas for a garden design

Tin containers as flowerbeds always look stylish in the garden design. Old baths, buckets, tin cans and crates and so on. Group your flower beds correctly (randomly scattered tin beds will provide the opposite effect).

Ideas for a garden design: landscape garden design

Flower pots, dug into the ground, quite often become accents around which already (meter by meter) the landscape of the garden is formed. You can leave the pot empty or “pour” flowers, stones, pebbles from it (turn it into a dry fountain).

Ideas for a garden design: street lighting at the cottage

A couple of electric garlands and candles are usually enough for a romantic or warm family dinner. And garden paths can be illuminated inexpensively and beautifully with LED ribbons.

Ideas for a garden design:  a garden fountain

Even a small fountain on the garden plot fascinates and pleases the eye. The magic of water always outweighs the figures in the bills for its overspending.

Ideas for a garden design: an original fountain with your own hands

Another proof that the choice of the basis for beds and fountains is limited only by your imagination. For a note: an old double bass or cracked guitar will look great as vertical wall flower beds.

Ideas for a garden design: a garden path

Chrysanthemums multiflora due to its shape and rich palette of shades will decorate any garden. A real garden trend of recent years! And the secret of popularity is the unpretentiousness and natural formation of a spherical bush.

Ideas for a garden design: a chess garden lawn

Is there a naked plot left in your yard that lacks imagination? Leave it under a beautiful green lawn. This front element of the garden will be a great addition (or maybe the main accent) to the flower beds or a soul pad for the patio area.

Ideas for a garden design: highlight functional areas

The design of a garden path directly depends on its purpose and potential load. The path along which you plan to roll your garden cart with building materials or guest suitcases every week is better to be thorough. But the path for leisurely walks is perfectly flat surface for nothing, you can consider more elegant options.

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