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10 great ideas for garden for those who are already dreaming of spring – part 2

We continue telling you about great ideas for garden.

6.Great ideas for garden: Mangal

Great ideas for garden

On the grill any food becomes more delicious, and we are all looking forward to the warmth to start cooking kebabs. But a barbecue can also be beautiful! Forget about the metal construction on the legs, which spoils the landscape, and try to experiment. You can, for example, build a barbecue from concrete and use wood and wicker baskets for decorating.

7. Great ideas for garden: Sunbed

Great ideas for garden

Sunbathe or read a book under an umbrella and drink iced tea. The lounger is an ideal place for such a holiday. You can make bright mattresses for it, and then no trips to the sea you will not need: the case will remain except for the pool.

8. Great ideas for garden: Soft cushions

Great ideas for garden

The more different pillows you have, the more options for decorating your home and more places to relax. You can put bright cushions on the benches or even steps and sit on them by large companies – no chairs are needed. Or even organize a separate place of rest from the pillows and lying there in the evenings.

9. Great ideas for garden: Tray

Great ideas for garden

With a large tray it is convenient to treat everyone with kebabs or serve fresh vegetables, fruits, berries. For the summer cottage is ideal trays made of wood. They may be of irregular shape or it may be a set of several trays in the center of the table. The strongest and most stable tray can be added directly to the grass.

10. Great ideas for garden: Vase

Great ideas for garden

Summer is a time of flowers and herbs, so you can’t do without lush bouquets. Make sure that there is a large and beautiful vase nearby. Its advantages are also that it does not need any additions or allies. You can just place the vase in the center of the table and you will get a complete composition.

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