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Design of the cottage: 10 options for the facade – Part 1

We continue sharing ideas of design of the cottage.

Design of the cottage : Artificial ornamental stone

Design of the cottage Design of the cottage

Artificial ornamental stone is made of different types of plastic, so it is durable and not subject to, for example, moss like a natural stone. Such a facade will last you a long time, and its installation will be as fast as possible.

Design of the cottage:  Concrete structures in Art Nouveau style and glass facades

cottage ideas cottage ideas cottage ideas

Concrete structures of different shapes and sizes, often with geometric ornaments, become not the main variant of finishing facades, but an addition to the overall picture of the exterior design of the house (very often with almost entirely glass facade).

John Ryan, interior designer:

– The glass facade of a house is an excellent solution for exterior design even in Russia. Some people may be worried about privacy and heating, but in fact there is no problem here. Architect and designer in advance provide a good view from the window and choose only warm glazing. Three-chamber can easily withstand frost to -60 degrees.

Design of the cottage: Ceramic granite under stone, concrete and marble

big cottage

Ceramic granite, which can very skillfully imitate both natural stone (including marble) and concrete, has reached private architecture in Russia relatively recently. Such a facade is practical and durable.

Design of the cottage: Iron sheet material

iron sheet material

There are many variants of facades design with metal sheets. You will be impressed by the various colors, shapes and textures, sometimes even prints and unusual ornaments.

Design of the cottage: Plaster and facade decoration in classic style

Thanks to the simplicity of execution, plaster has become a common design option for facades. In the same classical style it is added such elements as rust, pseudo columns, moldings and bas-reliefs. The facade becomes a work of art.

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