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A round cottage design idea: 10 photos for inspiration

This cottage is an incarnation of the dreams of almost everyone. This round cottage design idea might help you to create something like this on your own. Its interior is more than simple, but it is remarkably homely and well designed. And also this place is round.

The house is situated in the forest backwoods, where there are even bears and where the closest grocery store can be reached within an hour by driving.

round cottage design idea

The family, who owns this house, have decided that such an unusual accommodation should definitely be available for a rent, so that people who come from all parts of the world could experience privacy away from civilization and could live in such an unusual setting. The hosts are supporters of a healthy lifestyle, fans of nature.

But what is this round cottage design idea and what are its benefits? Really, there are a lot of pros of such a home.

These are considerable loads, which the house can stand up to a major earthquake, as well as an increase in the volume of space, and significant cost savings both on the construction materials and energy resources. After all, the round shape provides good savings on heating in winter and on lighting throughout the year, so it is excellent for even the toughest locations on our earth.

round cottage design idea

Our opinion on round cottage design idea

– Of course, the advantages of a round house are undeniable, but there are also some controversial points. Thus, the design of the round house should be developed by professionals, and builders must have special skills and knowledge. Experts note the difficulties in selling such real estate, because still the product is specific and focused on the amateur, not on the mass buyer.

round cottage design idea

But let’s go back to our forest home. Outwardly, it’s hard to call it attractive; rather, it’s for the amateur. However, it’s worth looking inside, as soon as its appearance comes to the background. ThisĀ  round cottage design idea gets into an unusual world, even a little bit fantastic, where everything looks different from what we used to.

round cottage design idea

Round cottage design idea is fine for eight people and has three bedrooms, and also includes a bathroom, a combined kitchen and a living room with a fireplace. It is noteworthy that on the first floor we decided to install a pool table, which is especially appropriate for a cheerful company. All interior decoration, however, as well as exterior, is made mostly of natural wood, and this is quite logical. After all, what can be more important than the ecological compatibility in the national park?

round cottage design idea
Despite the presence of modern elements, there is a feeling that for some parts of the house used handy materials. For example, looking at the kitchen, you will think that it was “moulded from what was”. But it does not look ridiculous, rather stylish and quite original.

round cottage design idea

And the combination of new and old appliances seems extraordinarily charming, especially in the wilderness, far away from civilization. I would like to note the large number of windows and their excellent location, which is also an undeniable advantage of the round-shaped house.


Our opinion on a round cottage design idea:

round cottage design idea
– By the way, the cost of the pleasure of living in this house is 160 dollars a day, and much or little for the opportunity to be alone with nature, everyone will decide for himself. However, to try a round house in action would be quite an interesting experiment, perhaps this is exactly what you have been looking for so long. Consider this round cottage design idea, which is very unusual.

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