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10 great ideas for garden for those who are already dreaming of spring – part 1

Well, have you already started to enjoy the ideas for giving with your own hands? We suggest making your future spring holidays even better with our new solutions.

1. Ideas for garden: Hammock

Ideas for garden

– I think that a hammock is a universal thing. You can use it outside by fixing it between the trees, and in rainy weather it can be placed in the house, closer to the window. In addition, now there are hammocks of different colors and materials: knitted, linen, tarpaulin, in bright stripes, with geometric or tropical prints, even with fringe. Such decoration of the site and the interior will not be superfluous!

2. Ideas for garden: Flashlights with candlesticks

Ideas for garden

Decorative flashlights can create a festive mood, and if your cottage has no fireplace, they will replace it. You can create whole compositions, hang them on the walls, put them in the center of the dining table in the evening or decorate the stairs.

3. Ideas for garden: Swing

You should not think that a swing is just a child’s play. Many companies, which produce collections of street furniture, add a swing to them. Now they are whole suspended structures, with a canopy, of unusual shape, such as a hive or a whole swinging bed. You can traditionally fix a swing on a tree and call your neighbors to ride, or you can go the original way, for example, to hang a structure on the porch and arrange breakfast on it.

4. Ideas for garden: The plaid

Ideas for garden

No country house parties can do without a plaid, especially since this thing is beautiful, warm and functional. A bright plaid can decorate a sofa in the house, take it with you to the forest to have a picnic, and how to wrap up in the evening, sitting on the porch!

5. Ideas for garden: Large table

Ideas for garden

Dacha life is impossible without evening meals in the garden or on the veranda, at a large table with family and guests. It can be a table, for example, made of rough boards to create a feeling of closeness to nature. Add your grandmother’s set and a bouquet of wildflowers to it and you won’t want to get up from the table!


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