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Vintage garden decor – flowers in old glassware

At first glance everything looks simple in a vintage garden decor- I found an empty bottle, ripped off a couple of flowers, poured water and put it in a prominent place. But if you want to create a special, festive mood, for example, for an outdoor picnic, a few tips will help.

Vintage garden decor
You’ve probably seen glassware at your cottage that is not used at all. But most often they are the same type – bottles of your favourite lemonade or vinegar. We need variety for a vintage garden decor. And for this you should visit the grocery store for new copies – much more bizarre forms. Of course, we do not advise you to buy everything that stands in a beautiful jar, but consider it an excuse to buy something new on the table, try other products and tastes. As you can see in the photos, here are not limited to simple bottles of 1-1.5 liters, but also found other, small glass “vases”.

In general, it depends on the number of different glass objects and the complexity and beauty of the composition. Flowers, if desired, can be purchased by adding, for example, luxury roses to their own, country houses.

Vintage garden decor
It all depends on your goal – are you going to compose such a composition weekly as the plants start to bloom. Then you can limit yourself to your own stock, for example, by delighting yourself with one glass container of unusual colour. Or you can have a picnic outdoors, a birthday party for family members or a harvest festival – then you can take this seriously. By the way, instead of bottles and bubbles, you can also use conventional light bulbs for vintage garden decor.

Vintage garden decor
Now let’s talk about the most difficult thing – floristics, the art of making bouquets. There are many mistakes made by novice floral decorators, which are made all the time until they have enough experience. We offer you to cut the road to craftsmanship a little bit by reading useful tips.

The worst mistake in floristry is using too many different flower varieties in one bouquet (composition) for a vintage garden decor. This creates aesthetic chaos no matter how beautiful they may be. It is not worth trying to fit everything you have in your garden now into one or two vases. If you are short on utensils, collect or buy, but don’t make huge, tasteless bouquets of everything. Of course, someone might like this style when nature “itself” its variety makes a bouquet unusual. But for a special occasion and just for aesthetic pleasure is still worth doing floristry by the rules.

Vintage garden decor

The next rule is to compose in perfect harmony between the number of buds and already opened flowers. Best of all, professional filling has a ratio of 2:1, ie buds twice as many. Sometimes, this rule is very difficult to observe, because the desire to collect a bouquet is born just with the flowering garden, but still you can try.

If you are new to floristry, you should not start immediately with large bouquets. For starters, and small vases – dozens and tens of variations, where you learn to feel the color, texture, shape and overall splendor of the composition. To large bouquets it is necessary to pass gradually.

Also do not rush when composing bouquets. This rule may seem very easy to do and have little meaning, but in fact it is the main. Floristry is not a “business” where you need to “work”, it is a moment of contemplation and rolling waves of inspiration. This profession requires emotional attachment, reflection, precision and pedantry. The slower a bouquet is made, the better it looks. Check it out – the rule works!

Vintage garden decor

When you make out something big for a vintage garden decor, for example, do not just put a vase on the dresser, and prepare a veranda for Sunday lunch, it is worth considering a few simple clarifications.

For example, you should not immediately pour water into vases. First put them on one or group in all territory (on all room). Then go around them a couple of times, looking at them from all sides, and if it’s a veranda, then outside the house as well. Make the basic structure perfect, then the whole composition will look more refined. Then pour half the water into each vase and rip out the flowers you want to use.

Vintage garden decor

For example, the garden has lilies in bloom – red and yellow. But you have a great deal of sympathy for the red ones, and yellow ones are more likely to come off as “company”. So at first, it’s better to pick only the ones that you really like for a vintage garden decor.

When choosing a color scheme, remember that you should not overdo it, as with a huge number of varieties of flowers.

So, we have, for example, 5 branches of red lilies in our hands. Distribute them to the room in a certain order. These are your favorite flowers, so you put 2 out of 5 sprouts together and in the most prominent place. The other three are placed at the corners so that wherever you turn, you can see your favorite flowers.

Vintage garden decor

Then you should start adding flowers that are directly opposite to those just placed. The red lilies were bright and tall enough to have an impersonal stem. Now find small volume flowers of light color (white, vanilla), maybe even wild flowers. Divide the torn plants into 4-6 parts and spread them around the room according to your inspiration. Remember to add ornamental deciduous plants if you love them.


Then you should start adding bright but small flowers; tall but light, making sure the room is always filled evenly. The only exception is the main group of vases. The one you’ve made parade or just the most visible.

Vintage garden decor

Several ideas on how to combine flowers by their range and shades can be found in the pictures. Notice that almost monochrome (e.g. vanilla pink compositions) look very impressive.

And lastly we’ll add a couple of axioms in this case.

Vintage garden decor

It is necessary to cut flowers at an angle.

If your flowers have been lying idle for a long time, not put water, cut should be updated under a jet of water.

Absolutely any flowers do not tolerate direct sunlight, drafts and often badly treat the chlorinated water. It is better to choose spring water, distilled water or rain water.


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