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Unusual fences ideas for garden – 30+ original pics

Today’s selection will be dedicated to original and unusual fences ideas for garden

Many of these fences are absolutely impractical, and perceived as a curiosity or a strange prank of the mad designer – such non-standard ideas can push to creativity or suggest the interesting decision for our own problems.

Doors and windows as unusual fences ideas

For example, how do you use normal window frames, different doors or colored windows?

I do not argue, the fence from door leafs of different shapes, sizes and colors comes out perhaps not too harmonious and aesthetic. It’s an option for an amateur:

unusual fences ideas with doors
Bright colorful wooden doors made like a fence

On the other hand, there are also examples when interesting things are made of the material. For example, you can combine heterogeneous elements of the fence with colour or create a composition in vintage style with romantic overtones – as in the photo on the left:

Or here’s a a mirror window – you can agree that it is much more pleasant to relax in such an environment. And the funny windows in the photo below on the left visibly enlivened the old unsightly wooden fence:

unusual fences ideas

But doors and windows are not the most unusual material for garden fences. The fantasy of fans of “making something out of nothing” really knows no limits.

Wheels as unusual fences ideas

Here, it would seem, less suitable material for the construction of the fence: the wheels – they are round, and all different in size! But can such little things stop the creative impulses?

wheels as unusual fences ideas
An early morning photo of the Artisan fence in the palouse region of eastern Washington.

Any wheels – from huge steam locomotives to elegant bicycles:

As with the old doors, the aesthetic side of such fences can be argued. To me, the rusty metal does not very decorate the landscape. On the other hand, there is paint on metal, so this problem can be solved…

Cars as unusual fences ideas

To call such a fence attractive is unlikely to turn someone’s tongue. However, ingenuity and wit can not refuse its author:

cars as wheels as unusual fences ideas
Tajikistan. A small village in the North-Eastern part of the Pamir tract.

Probably, you need to love your “iron horse” very much to decide to perpetuate it in this way:

But if the superfluous vintage car has fallen into disrepair with few people, the bike is a very popular material for designers of all sorts of handicrafts.

But if there are a lot of bikes … I, of course, do not know where to get enough of them to cover the whole fence … But if suddenly you have an excess of completely unnecessary bikes and spare parts for them, now you know how to use this “wealth”:

Pay attention to the photo on the right at the top: this is just an example of creative application in design of seemingly completely crazy ideas. Well, if there are no funds for designer gates, the craftsmen make them themselves from what is found in the farm/

Оld garden tools as unusual fences ideas?

Why not… The cuttings will play the role of a stacker, and metal “additions” to anyone will immediately make it clear that a real fan of garden work lives here. And the uninvited guest will think more than once before climbing forks:

tools as unusual fences ideas
Sustainable fence with old tools and garden equipment like a spade,rakes and a scythe

Someone fits old utensils found in closures into the composition, and someone orders a designer fence with “instrumental” motifs:

tools as unusual fences ideas

Some prefer order and symmetry, while others choose a chaotic (but carefully thought out, no doubt) “pattern” of shovels, forks and rakes:

There is something important here: treat the case with a bit of humour and, of course, competently correlate the flight of your design idea with the style of the site and the surrounding landscape:

tools as unusual fences ideas

For artists

Would you like something more aesthetically pleasing, not so much like an old dump? You’re welcome! The fence in the form of a set of colored pencils is not a new idea, but it has not become worse from its popularity.

 unusual fences ideas
fence in the park like colored pencils close-up

By the way, pay attention: you do not have to look for round blanks, in the photo above you can see that even an ordinary fence can be sharpened and painted. And if you are against the extra motley, paint only the tips of “pencils” – as in the picture below left:

After all, you can simply paint the existing fence in all colours of the rainbow – it’s bright and fun.

And if each plate is lazy, make the fence’s colorful sections:

Wooden fence for kid-friendly white house consisting of strips of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet panels. Rural view at white house with sunshine light. Amazing weekend staycations at home.

Fences for patchwork fans

Those who love this type of needlework will probably be close to dacha fences made in a similar technique:

unusual fences ideas

It’s too colourful for my taste, but it’s notoriously unquestionable about tastes. Judging by the abundance of such photos, the idea is quite popular now. And if you, like me, prefer a calmer solution, take a look at this option:

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