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Wedding in the garden: how to make a wedding arch by yourself + 40 ideas

Wedding coming soon? You want know how to make a wedding arch by youself? Wedding Arch is a popular decorative element in the decoration of the party, which is a symbol of prosperity, happy life and change. More often it is used for outgoing registration of marriage, but can be installed in the banquet hall. Is it possible to make an arch with your own hands and what will it take?

how to make a wedding arch

The wedding arch makes the ceremony memorable, emphasizes the romantic atmosphere of the holiday, gives it uniqueness. The tradition of using wedding arches came from Ancient Egypt. In Egypt, it symbolized the vault of heaven. It was believed that a marriage made in front of an arch would be sanctified by the gods. At modern ceremony the wedding arch becomes a fine ornament of a table of newly weds, a banquet hall or for exit registration in the garden. Generously decorated with flowers, balloons, ribbons, the arch becomes an excellent basis for organizing the photo-zone.


The decor of the arch depends on the desire of the newlyweds. The accessory is given different shapes: quadrilateral, round, lancet, in the form of a horseshoe, heart and others. You can order the design from a professional designer, rent an arch or make it yourself, using handy materials. The decision depends on the wedding budget, the availability of creativity and free time. Idea! If there is not enough time for preparation or if it is required by the wedding stylistics do improvised arch, for example, throw light fabric or tie long satin ribbons to the branches of trees that form a vault.

How to make a wedding arch – Horseshoe

The horseshoe arch is one of the most popular options for a wedding. It is believed that by choosing this form, newlyweds attract good luck. Perfect for a couple who follows traditions and believes in folk omens.

white arch

For a classic ceremony it is draped with white cloth and decorated with flowers. Flowers, ribbons, garlands from balloons and other decorations from wedding themes are added as contrast details.

how to make a wedding arch

For weddings in eco style, the accessory is decorated not only with fresh flowers, but also with original branches, greens and pendants made of wood. A classic marine arch is decorated with shells, paper fishes, corals, sinks and anchors. The horseshoe arch is decorated with pearls, lace braid, LED lights, dream catchers, beads or macrame.

arch in the garden

How to make a wedding arch – Square

square wedding arch

The four-angled arch, created with its own hands, will become a symbol of wealth, reliable marriage and prosperity. The tetrachugolnaya design with a roof symbolizes protection from the evil eye and envy of others.

square wedding arch

Perfectly fits in a rustic wedding scenario. Decorate the arch with fabrics, color chosen according to the main shade of the wedding. It is best to use materials with which it is easy to create beautiful draperies. Decorative elements are chosen according to the general stylistics of the celebration.

How to make a wedding arch – Enfilada

 wedding arch

Enfilade is a symbol of the endless happiness of future spouses. It is the most spectacular and luxurious variant of wedding decoration. It will perfectly fit in a celebration with a large number of guests. It consists of several metal structures that stand behind each other or are connected to each other, which creates a corridor effect. The newlyweds solemnly pass through it to the reception area. An enfilade arch is created using live vegetation and installed in the garden or in a forest clearing.

 wedding arch

It looks especially spectacular in spring, when trees such as apples or cherries bloom. The complex enfilade is suitable for ceremonies in a luxurious restaurant or mansion. For a chamber banquet in a cozy cafe or a modest ceremony in the garden, choose the simpler option. Making enfilade with your own hands is difficult, so it is better to order it from professionals.

 wedding arch

How to make a wedding arch – Heart

how to make a wedding arch heart

A beautiful arch in the form of a heart will emphasize the love between the bride and groom. For stability the frame is made of metal plastic. With its help it is easier to give a “heart” shape to the construction.

how to make a wedding arch heart

Metal-plastic frame is an expensive pleasure, so often choose a budget alternative to make the heart of balloons and fix it on a special rack. It is not necessary to address to professional designers. Garlands, fresh flowers and red ribbons are suitable for decorating with your own hands. The elements combine with each other and blend seamlessly into a variety of styles: from rustic to glamorous chic.


How to make a wedding arch – Round

how to make a wedding arch square

For a Chic or Vintage wedding, the round gazebo arch is ideal. For manufacturing they use a ready frame, which is decorated with fresh flowers – peonies, roses, orchids, calla, tulips in delicate shades. Ribbons, paper lanterns and various vintage decorations are used to give the accessory the necessary decorative effect: elegant cages, porcelain figurines, old books and lace.

how to make a wedding arch square

The fabric for the drapery is chosen in pastel shades: pale pink, lemon, blue, cream or beige.

how to make a wedding arch square

How to make a wedding arch: П-shaped

Arch in the “П” shape is the easiest to make. The main thing is to fix well the base of the structure, as which is best to use wood or metal plastic. To decorate the arch in nature use light fabrics – most often it is organza or veil. For a thematic wedding in the Russian style is well suited chintz.

Retro is perfectly combined with velvet, silk and satin. The fabric can be decorated with original prints or skilful embroidery, repeating the patterns on the newlyweds’ outfits or colts. It is decorated with greenery and flowers similar to the wedding style, ribbons and fabrics made of natural fibers, paper, pompon, balloons.

Modest П-arch should be combined with the wedding venue and images of the newlyweds. So, if the bride chose a lush dress with crinoline, it is more appropriate to install a luxurious archee-anfilade than this option.

How to make a wedding arch: decor ideas

Developing the design of the wedding arch, the main emphasis is on the choice of decorative elements, while replying to the color palette, the theme of the celebration, budget and personal preferences of the newlyweds.


Designing the arch with balloons is the simplest and most budget option. The main advantage of this solution – the low weight allows you to move the structure from place to place. The base for the arch can be pre-drawn with a beautiful fabric in the main color of the wedding. For design you will need: balloons, a pump, a fishing line or threads for fastening.

Balloons are attached to the pre-prepared frame using a fishing line. Instead of a hand pump for the wedding use an electric, and fill the balloons with helium. This will allow the garlands to remain presentable for longer.


how to make a wedding arch

Lightweight and translucent materials create beautiful draperies, so it is their designers recommend using them for the wedding arch. Ideal for this purpose is tulle or organza. Heavier silk or satin is used to create a canopy or lambrequin. For a standard design you will need about 5-6 meters of fabric. Ribbons and pins can be used to fix the fabric to the arch. A glue gun is also used for a secure fixation.

how to make a wedding arch

For weddings in classic style white or cream textiles are used. For more original variants bright colors are added to the design. Fabric draperies are combined with bouquets and garlands of fresh colours to maintain the style.

how to make a wedding arch

Decorating with flowers

The classic variant of design of a wedding arch is a decor of fresh flowers. Special capsules with nourishing solution are attached to the legs to keep the plants beautiful and beautiful for longer. Flower arches are usually heavy and minimal experience is required to work with heavy frames. Do not despair if the budget of the holiday is limited. To decorate the arches you can buy not live, but artificial flower compositions.

how to make a wedding arch

Not only lush bouquets are used, individual inflorescences will also fit in well with the general concept. Beginner masters should choose this option for their first experience.

how to make a wedding arch

Tip! Use a glue gun, duct tape or a fishing line to fix floral compositions.

Tools and materials for master class on how to make a wedding arch

arch material

Wedding arches are easy to make at home. It will not only help to save your budget, but also make the celebration original, and the design – unique, because its design you will think through personally. For the manufacture of frame base will need the following materials:

  • Cement and sand for mortar preparation;
  • Metal plastic pipe with a diameter of 2-5 cm;
  • Two plastic flower pots. Instead of them, you can buy special holders in the construction shop;
  • The construction plummet is a thin thread with weight at the end, which can easily be made by yourself by choosing a screw for weight, for example, as a load. The plummet is used for correct installation of the pipe in an upright position at right angles.
  • A building level or a school rectangle will also be required for exhibiting;
  • Needles, thread, fishing line. They are used for fixing decorations to the base;
  • Decorative elements of appropriate style.

A wooden base can be used for the frame. However, metal plastic is an ideal option due to its flexibility.
It is much easier to shape the heart or horseshoe than wood. In addition, it is a relatively inexpensive material.

Step-by-step instruction how to make a wedding arch

arch material

Creating a wedding arch by hand is a fascinating and simple process, especially if you involve a team of like-minded people: friends, relatives or invited guests. When you decide to make an accessory yourself, it is better to give preference to simple forms – a horseshoe, a П-shaped arch or an arched structure.

  • The process of making a wedding arch with your own hands consists of several stages:
  • Cut the pipe into two pieces of 3.5 m each;
  • Knead the mortar from cement and sand and pour it into plastic pots;
  • Then, insert one metal plastic pipe into each pot;
  • Align the structure with the plummet. The pipe should stand strictly vertically;
  • Measure two meters of pipe and make on this mark the bend, forming an arch or letter “P”;
  • Leave the arch for 1-1.5 weeks to allow the cement to freeze;
  • Decorate the structure according to the style of the ceremony.

Fabric begins to fasten in places where the arch is bent using ribbons or pins. Then add flowers, ribbons, pearls, rhinestones and other decorations. The total length of the arch will eventually be about 2.4 meters, the distance between the columns – 1.8 meters. Dimensions can be changed at will. For this purpose, use pipes with a greater initial height and increase the width of the bend.

wedding arch ideas

Although the wedding arch is a popular attribute, not everyone knows how to choose the right option:

  • For a classic wedding, you can choose a natural or white wood arch. This option is ideal for weddings in gardens, forest edges, on the lake or river bank.At registration it is better to adhere to the strict form and not to use too bright colours;
  • For romantic style of decoration use wildflowers: daisies, crocuses, cornflowers, dandelions. Original design looks, decorated with fern, rattan and rods;
  • The nautical-style arch, in addition to decorative elements, is decorated with fabrics in blue, white and red with striped prints. In the design it is important to maintain a sense of proportion and not to overload the accessory with unnecessary details;
  • You can surprise your guests and create an original photographic zone with the help of an arch in the form of a perfect circle. This spectacular solution is suitable for brave and determined couples.To make the arch look gorgeous, it can be installed in the most open area;
  • The arch door will be a symbol of future spouses’ life together. Unusual design can be played in the scenario of the wedding ceremony, for example, to open the door after the vows and take a symbolic step into a new life by holding hands.

wedding arch ideas wedding arch ideas

Choosing the arch for the ceremony should take into account not only the style of the wedding, but also the season:

  • For an autumn wedding decorative orange pumpkins, maple leaves and berries are used;
  • For a summer wedding the arch in the form of a gazebo will be an excellent option. It will not only add coziness to the festive atmosphere, but also create a pleasant shade in which the bride and groom can hide from the scorching sun;
  • Wedding arches are also used at winter celebrations to decorate the ceremony, regardless of the venue. Artificial snow, ice sculptures, garlands and fir branches are chosen for decoration;
  • In spring you want to surround yourself with as many bright colors and vibrant colors as possible, so in the design of the arch emphasis is placed on floristics.


how to make an arch how to make an arch

Tip: If the groom’s and bride’s outfits are in bright colours or unusual styles, the arch should be as simple as possible. Atlas ribbons in pastel shades, flashlights or flowers are used.

how to make an arch how to make an arch


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