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How to make a garden chair

To work in the garden is certainly pleasant, but how good to rest, relaxing in a comfortable garden chair.
That’s the chair we’re talking about.
We had an old soft armchair, which had been kept in the country attic since Soviet times. It was a pity to throw it away, and it was impossible to exploit it in the garden, it got wet from the rain.

garden chair

Before the  garden chair reconstruction…

One day, I resolutely started a rework.

I used a knife to cut the trim, wrenched all the joints, then cleaned the frame of the old foam rubber, cushioning belts and paper clips.
I scraped the wooden base of the chair with sandpaper and painted it with paint.
Another inconvenience that had to be eliminated was the short backrest of the chair and the lack of a headrest. To eliminate this disadvantage, I lengthened the backrest frame with two bolted laths.

garden chair

And the side structures had to be fastened at the bottom and top with plates to reinforce the structure.
Then I put all the bolts back in place and replaced the old nuts with damaged threads.
I took the planks from the aspen, sawed them to the width of the seat, and fixed them to the frame of the chair with self-tapping screws in wood.

garden chair
There is one nuance – first you need to drill holes in the plates, a little smaller diameter than the screws, so that the plates do not crack during the fixing.

All you have to do is sand all the irregularities and paint them.

garden chair

This chair is comfortable and practical.

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