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12 incredible handmade things for home and garden with your own hands: photographic instructions.

We’d like to share 12 incredible handmade things for home and garden with your own hands: photographic instructions.

There are many reasons not to spend rabid money on the garden furniture of your dreams. And the main one is that you can do it all on your own. Tables, shelves, poofs, benches, hangers, stools and stands – choose whatever you like!

Magazine table from the boards

handmade things for home and garden

Ordinary glued wood boards and bent metal legs acquire a special gloss and chic in this version. At the same time, you will not need the boards as much as it seems. Instead, you can use small bars, stacked in a chess order.

Hanger “Tree”

handmade things for home and garden

For those who can’t find a suitable tree, a picturesque log with “hooks” from separate branches will also be suitable. If the joints are well disguised, no one will notice this innocent forgery.

Universal swivel shelf


You want a shelf? Pay attention to this original version. The six boards demonstrate the stunning feature of “going around corners” while remaining a functional object.

A gabion-based table

So popular in landscape design gabions (mesh structures filled with stones) in this small masterpiece play the role of a table base.

Sofa cup holder

This small furniture invention will not be a universal solution to all life’s problems, but will allow you to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading a book on the sofa.

The stand can be made of chipboard or wooden boards. Choose the colour to match the furniture you already have.

Two chairs – one bench

handmade things for home and garden

Two old chairs can get a new life in an unusual way. For this purpose, they are placed opposite each other and “trimmed” with planks.

The more beautiful the chair backs, the more original the bench handles will be. Another version with step-by-step instructions can be found in the article Garden bench of chairs: master class.

Luminous logs stools

The comfort in the garden consists of trifles. And you can create it with such unusual stools of logs.

Remove the bark or leave it, but the upper part must be sanded to cover with fluorescent paint. At night, these stools will turn into “fireflies” as soon as they receive a ray of light. Now friendly gatherings and stories by the fire will take on a mysterious meaning.

Poof of plastic bottles

The plastic bottles hidden inside the pouffe will not embarrass even aesthetes who do not recognize the use of this material for decorative objects.

The number of bottles depends on the desired size of the pouffe. They need to be washed, dried and closed with caps. After that, put them in a circle, “binding” each row with tape. From dense cardboard or plywood cut out two identical circles. Place plastic bottles between them, fix everything once again with duct tape. Place foam on the sides and top. And put on a pouffe in a specially sewn pouch.

A simple bench without nails

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bench, make it out of simple building materials – concrete cinder blocks and wooden laths.

Place the blocks in L-shaped sidewalls, “gluing” them together with liquid nails. Then “extend” the laths into the holes of the blocks, like a thread in a needle. Add the cushions and enjoy a pleasant outdoor rest.

Wine barrel washbasin cabinet

An old wine barrel will suit those who love vintage and dream of something original. For such a pedestal, it is not crucial whether there are “holes” in the wooden part. It plays a decorative role.

The interior space is given to functional things – water supply and drainage, hoses, siphon, taps. All this is carefully covered with a door made of carved boards of the same barrel.

A bench or a chaise lounge for two

handmade things for home and garden

Natural materials are not the only virtue of this bench. The rounded lines of the seating area will provide you with comfort comparable to that of a standard bench.

If the bench does seem stiff, take a few decorative pillows or a small mattress.

Flower cachepot table

Bring a couple of plastic flower cushions and a metal tray when you walk around the garden centre. These things will make a very light table that can be used both outside and inside the house.

If you don’t want to drill a cachepot, just assemble the slide as shown in the photo. For a permanent table, connect the cachepot to each other with a long bolt and nuts. Seal the joint between the pots with cement. Cover the top with paint. Here’s a similar idea, but from one large pot: The garden table from the pot.

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