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Garden furniture with your own hands: 5 interesting ideas

You can’t do without Garden furniture in the garden. Where to sit when you’re tired?

garden furniture

Of course, every garden has its own furniture. Someone will be satisfied with a budget option made of plastic, someone will buy an exclusive design kit, and my current article is addressed to those who like to do everything at home with their own hands. And who, like me, is passionate about wood. I offer you a selection of interesting ideas for homemade wooden garden furniture.

1. Garden furniture from logs

garden furniture

In fact, if there are logs at hand that can really be moved to the right place, such a set of garden furniture is built very quickly. Costs are almost zero, and it will last long enough. It will look great under the old trees, in my opinion. What do you think?

If you can cut the log in half, you’ll get two benches at once.

garden furniture

The design to look (and to weight) is much lighter than the previous one, and it is easier to fit into the countryside – it is more universal, in my opinion.

2. Garden furniture from stumps

If the logs aren’t there, the stumps will do good! When I saw this picture, I wanted to make something like this in my garden…

garden furniture

And it doesn’t have to be a huge garden. I have a small clearing in the shade, among plums and old apples. The winding path leading to it visually increases space, creating some intrigue: behind the branches of trees and shrubs you can not see what is hidden behind the curve. It’s a perfect place for a suitable corner for cozy country houses… What do you think of the idea?

3. Garden furniture from the old boards

That’s probably what garden chairs would look like if I made them myself:

garden furniture from woods

It’s crooked, you say? Yeah, it’s not a sample of craftsmanship… and fans of neatness will probably not appreciate it. Yeah, not a paragon of carpentry craftsmanship, and fans of neatness will probably not appreciate it. But believe me, in a shady half-wild corner of the garden, such “chairs” will look quite normal.Let them not be too long-lasting, but you make such furniture can be from the old boards, and the lack of experience and design flaws present as features of the creative concept.

Those who are friends with the hammer, can build from the old plaques a set of garden furniture:

garden furniture from woods

It can be used in many different ways, and that’s the obvious plus of ideas. And in the simplicity of making it, of course.

4.  Garden furniture from snags and branches

And this is really a masterpiece. Made, by the way, of nothing, too. But in order to turn this very “nothing” into a garden decoration, you will need both fantasy and skilled hands.

garden furniture

I don’t know about comfort, but the originality of this kind of furniture is sure. However, you have to search for a material through the surrounding forests, and then a lot of work.

garden furniture from woods

Do you like wood snag handicrafts? Maybe someone’s ever sat on a bench like this? How’s it feel?

5.Garden furniture from the things you don’t need

Sometimes it’s enough to take a fresh look at what others think is junk. It is said to be a creative approach – the ability to see in familiar things what is hidden from the views of others. Here’s an example:

garden furniture

Did you make any country furniture with your own hands? Tell me what you did! Maybe even the pictures are still there? It would be very interesting to take a look!

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