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Wired deer with your own hands – soulful decoration for home and garden

But what if… save money for presents and a New Year’s Eve table, and make a wired deer with your own hands? When the words “New Year” and “Christmas” are heard, which characters are the first to appear in the imagination? Of course Santa and his faithful helpers reindeers. It’s hard to imagine winter holidays at all without these graceful animals. They – glittering and shimmering – are everywhere. They are used to decorate shops, clubs, cafes, calling out smiles of passers-by.

wired deer with your own hands

Luminous wire deer is a traditional Christmas accessory: elegant, touching and spectacular. Of course you can buy the charming Rudolph, Vixen, Donner, Denser or Kupid. There are a lot of options. But what if… save money for presents and a New Year’s Eve table, and make a wired reindeer with your own hands? That’s a great idea. Let’s give it a try.

Wired deer with your own hands: preparing materials

wired deer with your own hands wired deer with your own hands

  • The wire, preferably hard. We don’t want Rudolph to slip or lower his head right during the party.
  • Light decorations – garlands, LED threads, mini-flashlights. Any accessory will do – there’s no limit to creativity. But still it is better to choose battery-powered models. And if you are going to place a deer on veranda or in the garden in front of the house, then look at the garlands with moisture protection (it is marked with letters IP).
  • The paint in a spray can is white, gold, silver. Everything depends only on your idea of what the future deer should look like.
  • Decorative elements – colored ribbons, miniature glass balls, Christmas tree beads, jute ropes…

So, you’ve already got a chic look in your head. The necessary materials have been purchased and are waiting for their time. Time to get creative.

Wired deer with your own hands: – drawing

Each artwork begins with a sketch. So draw a deer on a large Watman sheet. No need to draw in detail, just outline the contours of the animal. The simpler the image, the easier the work will be.

Tip: If you’re having trouble drawing, just find the finished sketch online and put it on paper.

Wired deer with your own hands: – workpiece

wired deer with your own hands

We’re doing the body. There are two ways:

The frst option: for a small room figurine you can make a silhouette from a single piece of wire. To do this, just copy the drawing. To make it as close to the sketch as possible, attach the template directly to the image’s watman and repeat line by line. Then the craftsmanship will come out neat. Separately form the horns.

Then connect the parts. Look, the structure has already become very similar to a deer. It remains to rewind the horns and add volume to the beast. Just randomly tighten the wire around the head and paws. Just don’t forget to leave holes, as they can be used for garlands, ribbons and other decorations during the decoration phase.

The second option is to design each piece separately. First the body, then the neck and muzzle, and finally the legs and horns. In this way it is easy to make a large figure for a street area.

wired deer with your own hands

Tip: If the wire is difficult to bend, put it on a sheet of plywood and use pliers.

Make sure that the elements are symmetrical.

Well, the “skeleton” of the future radiant beauty is ready. He is confident on long legs, happy with his graceful body and sprawling horns. It’s time to breathe in life to our favorite Christmas character.

Wired deer with your own hands: – painting

wired deer with your own handswired deer with your own hands

To look fresh and bright in winter, deer needs color. The most relevant shades are silver, white and gold. The first looks like sparkling hoarfrost, the second looks like fresh snow, and gold is a traditional Christmas tone that always looks rich.

This palette is just a recommendation. You are free to make your deer as your imagination sees it. Fire-red, emerald in the color of a festive Christmas tree or orange – like a fragrant mandarin. Why not? Because this decoration should bring warmth and comfort to your home, give joy to your family.

Tip: it’s better to work outdoors with paint in a spray can. This way, you can keep your furniture from accidental stains, and you can protect yourself from dizziness and chemical smells.

Let’s see, what’s up? New Year’s deer with their hands from the wire looks great: no worse than purchased figures. The final stage is now the most interesting and exciting.

Wired deer with your own hands: – decorating

wired deer with your own hands wired deer with your own hands

There are plenty of ways to give a piece of decoration originality. And the choice of decor depends only on the tastes of the artist, that is, on your creative vision. Here are just a few options for decoration:

  • Choose colorful silk or translucent ribbons of organza and tie magnificent bows on the scattered deer antlers. Make the fairytale hero feel like a real “program nail”. Bright plaid or themed pictures with stars, snowflakes, fir cones will do. The more colors – the better.
  • The head and neck of the inhabitant of snow-covered spaces can be wrapped with shining beads or crowned with a wreath of coniferous twigs. It will come out atmospheric – in the true Christmas spirit.
    If the figure is large, it will look unusual glass Christmas tree balls. Only they should not be massive: it will “weigh” the image. And here are some miniature pendants – that’s what you need.
  • Do you want the room decor to look fresh in the New Year’s Eve? Use artificial hoarfrost. Just splash a couple of times out of the spray can, and you’re ready to imitate the snowfall that just ended.
    A multicolored rain or tinsel will add shine.

wired deer with your own hands
So where’s the deer out of the wire with his own hands without an expressive garland? Bright glow is the main attribute of homemade jewelry. Do you like classics? Sparkling thin threads with cold white light bulbs reminiscent of droplets of dew will make the figure dazzling. Want to add naughty notes? Take a garland with plafonds shaped like cute beasts, fruits or stars. The image will turn out unusual and memorable. Do you like naturalistic decor? Let the deer have not only a charming glow, but also a semblance of fluffy “coat”. The light composition with air feathers will help.

Tip: it is better to attach LED threads with special plastic or metal brackets. You can use lurex or decorative ropes. Even glue and duct tape will do. The main thing is that the figure is tidy.



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