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Wedding in the garden: tips and ideas

Consider an outdoor wedding in the garden. Usually weddings are organized in a restaurant or banquet hall. But it’s so corny! Do you want something interesting? Outdoor celebrations will appeal to all your guests, from the young to the older generation.

Features of a wedding in the garden

wedding in the garden

Nowadays, weddings and other parties outdoor have become very popular. If you have decided to hold a celebration in the open air, the following tips will be useful to you:

  • Agree with the catering service, which will professionally organize the parte, thinking through every detail: from the decor to disposable tableware.
  • Weather caprices can spoil the wedding, so you should prepare details such as a canopy for rain and the scorching sun; warm plaidas for guests or even heaters for the tent if the weather decides not to spoil you with warmth; fans if it’s hot outside.
  • Make a special floor covering so your guests can comfortably move around the wedding space, especially the ladies in heels.
  • Do not forget about repellents, so that insects do not bother your guests, spoiling the whole impression of the wedding.
  • Pick out the right clothes. A sumptuous ball gown is not the best option. But a small cocktail dress is a great choice! These are just some tips and ideas for a summer wedding in the garden. Now let’s talk about the main points in more detail!

Format of the celebration: banquet, buffet or wedding picnic

wedding in the garden

Celebration of wedding in the garden is a non-standard parte, so it can be organized in three versions:

  • A classic feast (banquet) where guests sit at tables and are entertained by all kinds of artists.
  • Fourchette, when guests are free to move around the wedding space, eating dishes on tables. In this case, the organization of the lounge area is mandatory, otherwise your family and friends will get tired of constant walking.
  • Picnic-style wedding, when the newlyweds and guests are arranged on plaids or special seats, communicate with each other and enjoy the treats served in wicker baskets.

What place to choose for an unusual wedding outdoor? Option two:

outdoor wedding

  • “Wild” locations: forest, clearing, river bank, etc. Such places for weddings are suitable for chamber celebrations with a small number of guests, e.g. for a wedding picnic.
  • Artificially created lawns near estates and cottages. It is an excellent option if you decide to hold your wedding banquet in the countryside, because the cottage will be able to accommodate catering service.

Dresses for a wedding in the garden

outdoor wedding

Dresses for honeymooners and guests should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable, so that moving around the wedding space does not cause discomfort. So to create a romantic wedding image, the bride can choose for herself:

  • A dress, a tight silhouette, or a free cut outfit. It is better to refuse the trail, because it quickly gets dirty with grass and sand. An excellent option is also a cocktail dress in white or cream color.
  • Shoes with a minimum heel, ballet or even beautiful sandals.
  • As a hairstyle you can choose both loose hair, and collected, for example, a beautiful bundle, which will not lose its beauty even in the wind. You can decorate your hairstyle with fresh flowers, bandages, etc.

outdoor wedding

The groom may wear a suit to the wedding or a stylish “trio”: shirt + vest + pants. Moccasins or loafers will suit as wedding shoes. Guests can choose any type of clothing in which they will look festive and feel comfortable in nature.

Wedding decor

wedding in the garden

Wedding in the garden is not limited to a certain style or color scheme, as in the case of the restaurant. You can beautifully arrange tables directly in the open air or rent a tent and transfer all the actions there.
There are a variety of decorative ideas for weddings in nature.


wedding in the garden

Special attention should be paid to lighting, which will be the main decorative element at the end of the wedding IN the garden. It can be all kinds of garlands, large glowing letters, candles in beautiful candlesticks, etc. You will be able to create a magical atmosphere that will impress your guests. And for you to see for yourself how beautiful and interesting the wedding in nature, we present to your attention a selection of thematic photos!

wedding in the garden


A great option would be to organize a play area in the open air, where your guests can play:

  • sports games, such as relay races;
  • badminton;
  • darts;
  • big chess or checkers, etc.

And the end of the wedding, of course, should be followed by a beautiful fireworks!

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