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Fabrics and ribbons for decoration, tips for use

In this overview we would like to tell you more about things that not everyone can immediately find application: fabrics and ribbons for decoration. What exactly can they decorate and how? A selection of ideas and our recommendations are in this article.

1. Ribbons for decoration: Decorating the festive table

ribbons for decoration
Cozy evening, glasses ringing, close people around – what could be better? For special occasions, you will need a special serving. And it’s not just beautiful dishes and tablecloths – you can make any meal unique by adding notes of individuality with simple decorative elements. European designers recommend using fabric paths to the table – it is an original and quite simple way to decorate it without resorting to expensive purchases.

For example, having only one classic white tablecloth, you can complement it with a red mesh carpet, as well as a delicate pink organza or extravagant black and white textured fabric with flock ornament. In each case you will get a unique and new design at no extra cost. And if you pick up suitable candlesticks and candlesticks – as usual wax and safe candles on batteries – the room will be transformed and shine with solemn lights, giving each guest the joy and wonderful mood.

2.Ribbons for decoration: Chair decoration

ribbons for decoration

This stylish solution is widely used at weddings, but no one has the right to limit you – you can decorate the furniture in the summer house gazebo or dining room, changing shades and colors to suit your mood. Look at the fancy look of ribbons and strips of fabric woven into the backs of chairs! In nature they will playfully develop in the wind, and indoors they will flow beautifully down to the floor.

Even simple and quite ordinary furniture becomes individual, and everyone can create such decorations with their own hands – you just need a little fantasy and your inspiration. You can combine colors and textures, combine monochrome materials with patterned ones, weave flowers and beads into compositions – any solution will look interesting and emphasize your individuality.

3.Ribbons for decoration: Fabric gift wrapping

ribbons for decoration

Are you used to the idea that you can only wrap a box or a bottle with gift paper? Drop the stereotypes! Look how interesting an ordinary box decorated with a cloth and a bow looks. We advise you to experiment with different shades and shapes, and then your gift to a loved one will be so individual that his or her gift box will not even want to be thrown away – perhaps, it will find application in the future.


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