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Pom poms garden decoration: how to decorate a garden party with paper pom poms

Another incomparable way to decorate a party is pom poms garden decoration They combine perfectly with other jewelry made of paper, balls and fabric.

Different kinds of pom poms garden decoration

pom poms garden decoration

Pom poms are sold not only in all colors, but also in different shades of the same color. You can hang pom pon from light pink to dark red, you get a kind of color gradient. You can alternate bright shades, such as white and blue, or even build a rainbow.

Everything, naturally, depends on the theme and the main color of the party. Admire it!

By the way, it only seems at first sight that the pom poms are suitable only for carnivals, children’s celebrations and some unusual weddings. Look how elegant and strict these pom poms garden decoration look at your backyard.

Once you choose the right shades, the pom poms will perfectly complement the decor of men’s anniversary.

Pom poms garden decoration can be of different sizes. Sometimes we need more lush, sometimes “thin”. They are slightly different in price, be careful when ordering.

How can you hang up pom poms garden decoration?

I tried to collect a variety of ideas so that at the right moment you can make a quick decision.

Hang it in a form of a horizontal garland

pom poms garden decoration

This is the most obvious and simple variant of decoration. We hang pom-poms at an equal distance from each other on a beautiful cord, you get a bright and noticeable decoration in a few minutes.

Hang it on branches

pom poms garden decoration on trees

Why not come up with a “tree of happiness” to decorate your home party? Our pom poms on the branches are like ribbon trees that newlyweds love to visit.

Attach vertical garlands with pom poms to the ceiling

pom poms garden decoration

Suddenly and funny, especially convenient if your room has a suspended ceiling.

Decorate the threads of helium balloons

pom poms baloons

This solution is suitable for large balls with helium (40-50 cm in diameter). They are rarely bound in large bundles, but the cord can be decorated with bright pom pons. Well, great, you should agree!

Make a number

pom poms garden decoration

Probably not all numbers will look so interesting, but the “seven” turned out great!

Hang along the railing

pom poms garden decoration

Why wouldn’t I? It’s on this example that the garland sags a little bit. I think it would be very solemn if you put your pom-poms under the railing on a two-edged scotch right along the line.

Combine pom poms garden decoration with balls of paper and Chinese pendant flashlights

pom poms garden decoration

You have to admit, the ceiling decoration with tassels looks quite different. For rooms with high ceilings – a great solution!

Create a candy bar

pom poms table decoration

It is on this example that the balloon cords are decorated with tassels, but you can use them to create a background or even a kind of buffet “skirt” if you attach them to the edges of the table.

Create a photo zone with pom poms

pom poms photo zone

Several parallel horizontal garlands will create a full-fledged festive photo zone, which no guest will pass by.

Decorate the edge of the table

pom poms garden decoration

Yeah, that’s a great idea. You can roll with tassels. And we have tassels without tablecloths :-). It’s original and funny.

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