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Picnic decoration

A picnic is not only a wonderful opportunity to have fun, but also a great idea for any holiday.

Think of it as a classic party preparation. Think of a picnic design that will allow your guests to enjoy not only the nature, but also interesting little things.

Time and place for picnic decoration

Start by choosing a time and place for your picnic, as its design depends directly on the season and day. If you prefer to celebrate in the evening, you should think about lighting – bonfires, light bulbs or torches.

picnic decoration

Table decoration

When laying the table, do not forget that tablecloths, napkins, table attributes should be made in the style of picnic. Use a classic cage or strip, blue or red.

picnic decoration

You can also use nature to create a table – hemps, logs and so on. Use rugs, blankets and blankets to sit comfortably.

Also a picnic decoration is a variety of attributes that will help maintain a cheerful atmosphere of a holiday or party. For starters, you can prepare interesting invitations.

picnic invitation decoration

Various forms of picnic decoration will be appropriate – decorative jars of jam, baking baskets, flags and funny attributes for a picnic where there will be children.

picnic decoration

Hang a hammock – this will be a favourite entertainment for adults and children at your picnic.


As you think about the menu, choose from simple and light snacks, sandwiches and bright desserts. Pay attention to the beautiful and festive decoration of all dishes.

You want to think about how to decorate the picnic table? Perhaps a clear division of food into baskets will be an interesting and original solution? There is no need to set the table and everyone can find a place on the glade to their liking.


This picnic design can turn it from a banal outing into an interesting and exciting journey into a world of things. In addition, you are provided with beautiful and bright pictures as a memory :).

You can also organize team or personal competitions – games, jumping in sacks, fast eating fruit and other interesting fun :).

Be sure to prepare prizes for participation. These can be jars of canned fruit, jams, compote or honey. Also, small souvenirs, photos or buns in individual packaging :).

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