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Paper stars garden decoration: how do you decorate your garden with paper stars:

For those who like ready-made large decorative elements, paper stars are just a find. In a few minutes, the dullest rooms and faceless lawns can turn into sites for the most pompous holiday.

What size are paper stars garden decoration?

The diameter of such stars is 56 cm. They are perfect for halls with high ceilings, stage decoration and outdoor areas. You should agree that a bright star of this size can be seen from afar.

What do paper stars garden decoration look like in bright light?

paper stars garden decoration

They’re magnificent. There are monochrome stars, there are variants with an interesting pattern. It’s easy enough to choose a colour combination with other paper decorations – pom-poms, balls and tassels.

These paper stars can be used to decorate the outdoor areas during the day and will look stylish and festive.

How do you light a star?

paper stars garden decoration

Paper stars are sold folded, take up very little space. In a couple of seconds you’ll get a big ornament with a loop. The decoration is double-sided, three-dimensional, stiff ribs are great to keep in shape.

paper stars garden decoration

In case you need luminous stars, you should buy battery-powered LEDs that will illuminate the star from the inside for more than 10 hours. The light passes through translucent fragments of the drawing, creating a fabulous decoration.

Secure the LED inside the product and… put out the light!

Incredibly beautiful! Here are the starry decor variations:

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