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Decorate a party with colorful paper fans decoration: ideas with pictures

We have been decorating our events with paper fans decoration for a long time, but before they had to be cut, folded and glued by the decorators themselves. Believe me, it only seems that such a decoration can be done quickly. Alas…

Photo zone with paper fans decoration

paper fans
If you hang a few phantoms on the wall, you get a great background for your photos.

Some decorators place the elements very close (sometimes even with overlapping), others choose 5-10 different in shape and color and hang them at a small distance from each other.

Candy Bar with paper fans decoration

paper fans decoration
Fans, as you can see, are also relevant in this case. Such a sweet table looks stylish at weddings, anniversaries and corporate parties. Let’s take a note!

All you have to do is take a different fan color, and… a different impression!

Thematic party

Our clients sometimes want to make a party so special that we constantly have to invent something. So the fans help quite often, because the fan disk itself can quite serve as a background for the picture you need. It can be a cute kitten to meet the baby from the hospital, pirates and princesses for a baby party, photos of young people for the wedding, the company logo for a corporate event.

If you are lucky, you can buy sets already with thematic pictures.

It’s fast!

In the folded form, fans take up very little space, can be stored at home in case of an unexpected party. You will be able to create a bright mood in the room while guests wash their hands :-).

How do I fix the paper fans decoration?

paper fans decoration
Well, everything depends on the circumstances.

If Candy Bar is designed for a special board, just use a “hot” gun or double-sided tape.
It is easy to tie a fishing line to fans, so it is very easy to cling them to the eaves, suspended ceiling and chandeliers.
For walls and furniture we use Command hooks. They are known to be removed without consequences from any surfaces except paper wallpaper.


paper fans decoration

Now let’s appreciate the rich color palette of paper fans with a calendar in hand:

  • New Year’s Eve? – They’re almost like snowflakes! White, with clear lines…
  • Christmas? – Buy bright red circles with or without perforation.
  • Graduation at school and kindergarten? – It will be fresh, I assure you!
  • Summer weddings? – How easy it is to support any theme of celebration with fans
  • Autumn holidays? – All you have to do is buy some yellow, orange and red fans. That’s it!

This paper fans decoration can be large and small, with or without perforations, with pearls or pictures in the center.

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