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The rules of aesthetic table setting: how to decorate a table for a party

A celebration is always the anticipation of something solemn. You probably want to know how to decorate a table. There are plenty of reasons in our lives to gather at a beautifully served table – New Year, Birthday, wedding and many others. Agree that the central exposition of any event should set a certain tone to the event. Let’s work out together how to tastefully serve the table. We offer many elegant, aesthetic and useful elements with which the dining area will turn into a refined work of art.

Table decoration is not just a tablecloth and beautiful dishes with delicacies. Every detail of the table setting should give a festive mood, encourage you to enjoy the meal and take inspiration from it. The festive atmosphere at home and in the restaurant will successfully emphasize the following attributes:

1. How to decorate a table with table runner

table runner How to decor a table

How to decorate a table? The advantages of this solution – with only one tablecloth in the arsenal, you can experiment with the style of serving every time. No special requirements are placed on the shade of the runner. The lace-up fabric on the table will look as good as the contrasting products.

2. How to decorate a table with napkin rings

How to decor a table napkin on  a table

No exquisite feast can do without such elements as wide textile handkerchiefs in a variety of shades. When serving, they are placed on a plate or set with a cone near it. The center of the whole composition will be a napkin, the holder of which is decorated with stones or sparkle of precious metals.

3. How to decorate a table with decorative vases

How to decor a table  How to decor a table

Decorating the table with fresh flowers and ikebanas is a sign of good taste. For this purpose, an original bottle or glass vase will be useful.

4. How to decorate a table with candleholders

How to decor a table flowers table decor

A note of romance will be added to the festive arrangement of lighted decorative candles. They are placed in the center. There are several reasons for that. First of all, guests will not be burned by the flames. Secondly, a dancing light will evenly illuminate the space.

5. A bucket for champagne and wine

A bottle cooling tank will help to keep the drinks at the right temperature during the meal. If you are going to make cocktails or each guest prefers his own aperitif, the rescue will be an ice bucket and special tongs.

6. Bottle decor

Such decoration is especially relevant in the New Year.

Dishes: sets to create a festive mood

How to decor a table

Beautiful table setting provides the same set of plates, appliances and beverage containers. Traditionally, wine glasses, glasses and flutes have to be made of glass. The tableware with its edges looks good. They reflect light and thus complement the atmosphere of festivity.

Don’t forget to place a candy bar and a vase for sweets on the table so that each guest can try a delicious dessert.

slate tableware catering
Slatetableware have become particularly popular lately. Black color harmonizes well with any sets and tablecloths, and the natural purity of the material emphasizes the eco-style of your holiday. In addition to all sorts of appetizer stands and fruit floors, slate tableware are widely used for parties with sushi and pizza.

Cocktail party: how to decorate the table and space

If you decide to throw a party, the laid table will contain only snacks. You will need wide dishes, stands, floors and, of course, attributes for mixing drinks. It’s better if it’s a special set. The cocktail is guaranteed to work if you shake the ingredients in the shaker and add to the ice.

The interior should also be stylized in a suitable theme.For example, a bottle holder in the form of a suitcase will save space on the table and decorate the space.

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