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How to decor a wedding outdoor? Tips and ideas Part 2

How to decor a wedding with balls and stars: voluminous figures for the room and the street

decor a wedding decor a wedding

Stars and paper balls will help to create the night sky atmosphere. Shapes of different shapes, colours and sizes can be easily attached to the ceiling. Original and festive look models with LED backlighting. In dim light, they fill the space with mysterious and magical flickering.

decor a wedding decor a wedding

If you plan to decor a wedding outdoor, bright paper balls-sets can be used as a decor for street arches, trees, elements of altokas. Successful decoration of the photo-zone will not do without products in pastel colors, you just need to scatter them on the floor in a chaotic order.

A voluminous star made of paper with a light bulb inside will also look organic and fabulous on the branches of the trees surrounding the site for the away ceremony.

How to decor a wedding with vases for flowers: practical and beautiful

decor a wedding decor a wedding

Elegant glass and clay products will tastefully decorate the space:

  • miniature models are placed on tables;
  • large ones at the entrance or along the aisle to the altar.

Traditional decoration of floor vases is not only flowers but also ribbons, beads, garlands. The decor is easily fixed with glue. By the way, in a shallow container with a wide cut you can fold sweets, paper envelopes with parting guests, small souvenirs.

Accessories for creativity – we decor a wedding in a creative way

decor a wedding decor a wedding

The general atmosphere of a holiday is created from trifles, therefore decoration of a hall should be thought over from and to. Start by preparing for the ceremony, intrigue the guests with original invitations. The cards are decorated with beads, shiny stars, glitter, etc. All this is fixed with glue or special sticks.

What else can I do to decor a wedding on my own?

Decorating glasses with your own hands is a memory for many years. If the celebration is held in the open air, the d├ęcor in ecostyle is relevant: butterflies, acorns, branches of artificial berries, natural cones.
decor a wedding decor a wedding

Pendant compositions in Greek or Scandinavian style. For the first version there is a metal chain holder, for the second one there is a glass drop vase, where you can gently put colorful stones or place ikebana.

decor a wedding decor a wedding
If you are going to arrange a traditional bidding for a commemorative bottle with your photo, then make a thematic decoration of champagne. All guests will fight for this prize!
wedding wedding wedding

Wedding photo-zone ideas: arches and press waves

decor a wedding decor a wedding

The arch of flowers is an obligatory attribute of an exit ceremony. It allows you to organize the event in a Western style and beautifully play with customs: for example, when the father leads the bride to the altar or the newlyweds swear allegiance to each other. However, the cost of the composition stops many brides.

decor a wedding decor a wedding
Our specialists will tell you how to make an arch without involving designers. You will only need a solid wire base, light satin or organza, artificial flowers and other accessories based on the style and color scheme of the celebration. At the base of the construction can be installed high vases, and in the center – a table, covered with silk fabric.

decor a wedding decor a wedding
The design of the photographic zone is another tribute to European traditions. Everyone present will receive a beautiful and bright photo as a gift from the newlyweds. Themes of the press wave or decorative composition can be any:

  • flower corner;
  • vintage with retro flashlights or old candlesticks;
  • countryside with an abundance of wooden decor, etc.

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