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How to decor a wedding outdoor? Tips and ideas Part 1

How to decor a wedding outdoor if the event budget is limited? The answer is simple – make decoration for the wedding with your own hands. Such an idea will help to save money and personally touch the creation of beauty, and, of course, to convey its positive energy. And will help you in this: ribbons, organza, candles, elegant candelabra, hanging balls, vases, garlands.

decor a wedding outdoor
Wedding ideas depend solely on your imagination and have no limits.

To decor a wedding outdoor  is easy, you can implement popular ecostyle or provocation. Abundance of wood, flowers, airy fabrics Рall this will make a real paradise for lovers from a ceremony site.

decor a wedding outdoor

decor wedding outdoor

How to decor a wedding outdoor with ribbons and fabric: creating an airy beauty

Fabric and satin ribbon will help to realize many design ideas:

  • They look elegant and graceful on the backs of bow chairs and can be complemented with buds, twigs and large beads;

decor wedding outdoor

  • the luxurious table setting perfectly matches the wide strip of organza on top of the tablecloth;

decor a wedding outdoor

  • the light effect of the whole interior will be given by a streamer of ribbons flowing down from the ceiling.

decor a wedding outdoor
The drapery of the hall with a cloth harmonizes with the cute handicrafts. Tie the ribbons on bottles and vases, decorate with homemade bows of glasses, wrap small prizes in wrappers of shining organza and be sure – you will definitely get compliments for creativity!

How to decor a wedding outdoor with candelabras and candles

Decorating candles is like a pledge of a long and happy life together. With the use of wax products there are many beautiful traditions, the most popular of them:

  • the first dance of the young – small pills with wicks are placed on the perimeter of the parquet or given to all guests;
  • hearth candles for the wedding represent the birth of a new union, the parents of the marrying help to ignite it.

Modern and retro candelabra in the interior are no less relevant. Candlesticks for the celebration are bought to decorate the entrance, tables of the newlyweds and their guests. Classic shapes can be easily decorated with elegant wreaths with buds, berries, beads or pearls in a delicate or opposite bright palette. The glass accessory can be used as a container for fine decoration – it looks gentle, cute.

decor a wedding outdoor

If you are worried about fire safety or if you are celebrating a celebration in nature, the best solution is an LED candle. The wedding ceremony will surely pass without unpleasant surprises in the form of extinct fire from the wind, burned fingers or spoiled outfit.

How to decor a wedding outdoor with garlands:  make the celebration warm and bright

The design of the tables will look just charming if you hide under a tablecloth cascade of lights of the festive garland. Also with the help of this accessory it is easy to decorate the entrance to the hall, hanging on its sides ponytails. The shining lights can be placed in glass vases, which is a great addition to the serving. Bachroma, curtain and other variations will create a shimmering effect if you fix them to the ceiling.

But the greatest value are garlands for a wedding organized in nature. There’s a lot of ideas:

  • to entangle the branches of the trees;

decor wedding outdoordecor wedding outdoor

  • decorate the walls of the marquee;

decor a wedding outdoor

  • hang vintage flashlights around the perimeter of the venue;
  • decorate the walkway to the altar and much more.

decor a wedding outdoordecor wedding outdoor

  • Especially spectacular and ornate colorful bulbs will look in the evening.

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