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Garden light: Summer master class on decorating a garden with electric garlands

There are long warm evenings at the cottage, romantic picnics in the garden or friendly gatherings on backyard, which will be only cozier with garden light.

In this article we have collected the most original ideas that will turn your home into a real paradise with its character and personality.

Types of electric garlands to decorate your home and garden:

1. Garden light: Garland – Horse Tail

garden light  garden light

 garden light

A bunch of LED wire threads, carefully laid out by designers in this magnificent decoration, will make your interior a truly unique work of art. Just look at how you can decorate a mirror, make a magnificent waterfall, decorate a composition of flowers and branches, or decorate a sculpture at your country house. With this decoration, everything is possible!

You can use these light threads all evening outside instead of the light source by dressing up the shrubs growing on your plot with them. Unique, gentle, diverse – they will occupy an honorable place in your collection of decorations and will stun your guests.

2.Garden light: Garland – Dew

light decoration light decoration light decoration

light decoration light decoration light decoration

This is an absolutely extraordinary garland: there are on a thin wire sparkling and shimmering droplets of dew – very bright minidiodes. The wire is almost invisible, and it seems that the droplets shine by themselves, floating like moths! A super idea for decorating interiors!

3.Garden light:Street lights, cliplights, curtains…

garden light garden light garden light

garden light garden lightgarden light

You’ll be surprised how a few electric garlands can transform a garden plot. Very interesting concepts can be used to decorate your garden. At nightfall, bright lights will create a truly magical atmosphere by decorating trees and shrubs with them. Cliplight in all sorts of colours is usually used for trees. For home and garden decoration you can use waterproof garlands, threads, fringe, curtains and multi-ball.

4. Candleholders and LED candlesticks

candle decoration candle decoration candle decoration

In any entourage to create a real cozy and romantic mood, you need the final touch – candles. Do you love the shimmering flame of candles, but take care of fire safety? Then use LED candles in your interior design. They never melt or burn out, serve you properly for many years. When they light up, it is almost impossible to distinguish them from live flames, so skillfully they are made! You can add only one thing to such a perfect image – an elegant candleholder.

5. Wedding decor

wedding light decoration

Electrogirlends, beads, ribbons, candlesticks, refined flower garlands and many other things are always actual. If you are preparing for this magical event, check these ideas

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