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Foil garden decorations for Christmas: stars, snowflakes, fountains – what to choose?

Do you think of garden decorations for Christmas? Foil pendants and garlands are an interesting, bright and very simple way to decorate your garden with a limited budget. Such decorations are durable enough, easy to assemble for storage and will serve you for many years, are inexpensive, and look very impressive! You can use them to decorate your garden and decorate your Christmas tree both indoors and outdoors.

Types of garden decorations for Christmas

Volume figures

garden decorations for Christmas garden decorations for Christmas

They will fit perfectly in any environment, giving it originality and attractiveness. Due to their almost imperceptible weight, these garden decorations for Christmas of various shapes (snowflakes, stars, bells, etc.) and shades can be decorated with any suspended structure. And they will also look very beautiful if you hang them in a cascade of several levels in height.

Foil fountain

garden decorations for Christmas garden decorations for Christmas

This hanging decoration can transform a grey garden into a festive one in an instant. The pendant Fountain is ideal for decorating lighting fixtures, arched openings, for placing on trees and more. Bright rays of Christmas garlands, flashlights and Bengali lights striking the fountain make its surface shine and shine! Fluttering air sets in motion the decor of stars, herringbone or snowflake, which begins to spin, slowly sinking and rising!


garden decorations for Christmas

Do you want to quickly transform your garden by giving it an elegant and festive look? YThese garden decorations for Christmas are beautiful colourful foil hanging garlands that will make your garden amazing, unique and festive! At us you will find the big variety of the foil garlands: with flowers, snowflakes, bells etc.

Tinsel and foil fringe

garden decorations for Christmas
Tinsel and gringe is not only the final touch that will give any festive composition an elegant and spectacular image.But also an independent element of decoration, with which you can turn a garden into something special, slightly extravagant and memorable.

Caffetti and Serpentine

garden decorations for Christmas garden decorations for Christmas
Serpentine together with confetti are thrown into the air during concerts, balls, masquerades and other festive events. Nothing can please both children and adults as quickly as a coloured rain of paper spirals and coloured figures.

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