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How to decor your garden for a romantic evening: led wax candles

How to decor your garden for a romantic evening? The flame of an LED wax candle tells you that it is so good that you only have to think about which model to choose from the variety of options available.

Even true connoisseurs of the flickering candle flame will agree that time stands still and in today’s world, open fire can be as dangerous as beautiful. Wax LED candles will help to preserve the magic of traditional wax candles and at the same time to ensure safety and to decor your garden for a romantic evening will help

What is it?

decor your garden for a romantic evening decor your garden for a romantic evening

Their body is made of paraffin, which provides complete authenticity. Battery-powered LED lamps provide light. The secret of safety lies in the light-emitting diode (LED), which is not heated at work, which eliminates the melting of wax or burning of surrounding objects. In addition, LED has a bright and saturated light, increased luminous life, high light output and the ability to use a wide range of operating temperatures (from -50 to +50 ° C). What is important – it is one of the most environmentally friendly types of lighting, because it does not contain poisonous vapors of mercury or other gases.

Safety, durability, beauty, closeness to traditional candles are complemented by the possibility of their use not only indoors but also outside, for example, you can use it to decor your garden for a romantic evening. LED light will not harm either you or your children, and the lack of melting wax will save your furniture. The design of the case provides a rough edge, perfectly imitating a slightly melted candle, which makes the created image absolutely recognizable and complete. The only limitation is not to put them next to the heating elements, as the wax shapes of modern candles still remain delicate and fragile.

Which candle will you choose to decor your garden for a romantic evening?

decor your garden for a romantic evening white wax led candle

The type of glow. Candle light can be shimmering or with an imitation of “living flame”. Both options will help to create a gentle relaxing atmosphere.

It’s burning time. In the classic version, you adjust the duration of the candle and can turn it off with the slider switch. There are also candles with a timer programmed for 6 hours and 18 hours of “rest” of the candle. There are also models you can switch on and off using the remote control.

Backlighting color. In addition to the original warm white and bright amber glow, you can choose candles with changing color of the flame. They are equipped with RGB LEDs, allowing you to create almost any shade of spectrum. You can read more about RGB lighting in our article on color-changing LEDs.

colorful wax led candles wax led candles
Electric wax candles have all the qualities needed to create a safe romantic, fabulous and simply cozy atmosphere. They are simply indispensable in places where, for safety reasons, live fire is not permitted, such as kindergartens, schools or photo studios. Courageously decorate the space without thinking about safety, you just need to choose the color of the body and the amount of beauty that you are willing to bring to your life and interior.

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