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Celebrating a birthday party in the garden: simple ideas for a family party

The ideas for celebrating a birthday party in the garden should be significantly different from all other options for celebrating, this is no doubt.

I have tried to gather the most interesting things so that you can choose the right ideas for your birthday party in the garden.

Create a checklist

birthday party in the garden

Create a checklist with reminders on what to have with you, how to decorate a party and entertain guests can be found in this article below. I recommend watching free children’s quests scripts and ideas for adult birthday in the garden.

  • for children aged 5-10
  • teenage quests
  • adult programs
  • interactive quests for adults


birthday party in the garden
Take the cooked food so the guests can wait for the hotter ones.
This is advice from years of picnic experience. People usually come to the birthday party in the garden in the morning, there are few people who have breakfast in time.

Be sure to have a stock of ready to eat products, tea and coffee in thermoses, otherwise the preparation of meat turns to a nervous process in which coals flare up too long , meat fries too long , etc.

Morning treats

food for a party

  • ready-made sandwiches
  • pickled cakes
  • stuffed pancakes
  • slices of fried meat in breadcrumbs or round flat cutlets (with them it is convenient to make hamburgers)
  • raw and pickled vegetables
  • washed fruit
  • tea, coffee, juices

Grill menu

Of course, on your birthday party in the garden you want to see such treats, which do not happen during home meals.

There are so many recipes of marinades that I won’t risk to describe them here, just to remind you that you can cook on the grill.

  • meat kebab
  • Chicken
  • grilled fish
  • seafood
  • baked vegetables (courgettes, zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, onions, sweet pepper)

 Don’t forge to have these on a birthday party in the garden

birthday party in the garden

  • drinking water in small bottles
  •  juices
  • bread, buns, cookies.
  • ketchup and mustard
  • salt, sugar, spices
  • disposable cutlery and tablecloths
  •  good knives
  • spin
  • wet wipes
  • garbage bags
  • silicone gloves to wash your hands less often.
  • skewer set
  • folding charcoal grill, coal
  • quick ignition device
  • disposable foil trays for cooked kebabs and vegetables
  • folding furniture
  • raincoats
  • baby coat
  • mosquito repellents
  • first aid kit with patch, peroxide, painkillers
  • a compact tent (if children do not start playing in it, you can put all bags and backpacks into the tent, which always spoil the natural landscape with its appearance and spoil all pictures)

Decorating a garden

birthday party in the garden

There are ready paper decorations which can be turned into volume balls, stars and pompoms in a couple of seconds. For example:

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