Garden decoration

Accordion balls for garden decoration

A great way to diversify the paper decoration at the celebration – to create compositions of accordion balls for garden decoration

Look, the flashlights with the spiral inside just look like smooth matt balls. Decorations bring carnival, thanks to unusual gluing, although in form and size do not differ from traditional.

What is accordion balls for garden decoration?

Accordion balls for garden decoration

The accordion balls for garden decoration that will be discussed today are called so because of their similarity to the furs of a musical instrument. The ribbed surface creates interesting gradients of light and shade, so the decoration in the assembled form reminds a watermelon. By the way, watermelon is the second unofficial name for such decorative elements.

The main advantage is compactness! Flat crescent figure in a couple of seconds will turn into a volumetric ball (diameter from 23 to 34 cm). Imagine how surprised your guests will be when you take out a small box of paperwork and decorate the hall with bright balls in a few minutes.

As usual, I have collected some examples of how accordion balls for garden decoration are used for decorating a party.

Support the color of the party

The easiest task for such visible decorations is to emphasize the color scheme that you have chosen for the party. There are plenty of options, so you can easily design a turquoise wedding, meeting of a newborn baby in pink tones or a golden anniversary.

Candy bar

candy bar garden decoration

Fast and impressive sweet table decoration is a dream of every decorator. In fact, no skills are required to mount the balls, so I advise to take note of all those who love to decorate your garden for a party. Several accordion balls at different heights above the candy bar, and the mood of the holiday will light up the whole room.

A cloud of paper decorations

garden decoration
For some reason, I like this decision the best. Even if you pick up all the elements in one color scheme, they do not merge into one shapeless cloud. Thanks to the play of light and shadow, we can clearly see different balls, pom-poms and stars. Very festive and beautiful! It is also nice that for such a cloud does not need to make many hooks :-).

Garden party

Yes, accordion balls look great on trees, walls of the house and even just on the floor of the veranda! An easy and unusual way to decorate a garden party, you should agree.

Accordion balls for garden decoration
Accordion balls (watermelons) are sold folded and take up very little space. Simply move apart a flat crescent moon as fur accordion, fasten on the side of the resulting sphere. If you wish you can put a small LED inside, which will illuminate our paper watermelon from the inside.

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