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Creating a magical garden atmosphere – decorative candleholders

What could be more enjoyable than spending an evening with someone you love in a magical garden atmosphere? Delicious food, slow music, fresh air and, of course, shimmering candles… After all, it is these decorative elements that create an extraordinary atmosphere, set in a romantic mood and give a kind of sacral meeting. And such an amazing effect is achieved thanks to the interesting shapes of the accessory and properly selected candleholders for candlesticks.

Decorative candlesticks for one candle create a magical garden atmosphere

a magical garden atmosphere a magical garden atmosphere

The way fire flickers, you can look at it endlessly. And a glass candlestick candleholder can shade this beauty. Thanks to the transparency of the walls, you will enjoy the subtle dance of fire, which certainly looks impressive.

Would you like something more unusual? Then pay attention to the candlesticks for small candles with extra details. For example, a miniature wreath with a star-shaped pattern, framed by a wreath and cones. Without such a composition, it is impossible to imagine Christmas night. And glass vintage candlesticks for tea candlesticks, made in the technique of craquelure and decorated with rhinestones, will make the setting solemn, spectacular, fashionable and luxurious.

The festive table will be transformed if you find a cozy place on it a candlestick made of glass in the form of a glass leg.

Glass pendant candlesticks create a magical garden atmosphere

a magical garden atmosphere a magical garden atmosphere

Transparent glass balls for decoration will make the celebration even more fabulous. They can be placed on a fireplace, piano or on another horizontal surface. Unusual in this case, these products look like a drop. And if you imagine that inside a stylish decor element there will be a bright flame or a flashing garland … magical atmosphere is guaranteed.

Candleholders lanterns of wood, plastic and metal create

Imagine: a summer evening, you sit on the veranda, drinking hot tea, already dusk, but your garden is lit with many lights. These are candle lights with candles inside, and their flickering makes your soul warm. There’s something fascinating about this glow as if you were in a different time. Original lanterns can decorate a house or garden. Besides, they are:

  • Safe, because they’re complemented by glass doors.
  • Versatile, because they can fit into any style from classic to modern.
  • Varied in shape and materials.

Metal and wood lanterns: from classic to original and refined a magical garden atmosphere

a magical garden atmosphere a magical garden atmosphere

In addition to live candlesticks, you can use a safe analogue – LED. A LED candle flashlight can be used not only indoors but also outdoors, for example in the garden or on the terrace.

Palace luxury – candelabra

A candelabrum will give a unique solemn setting to the palace epoch. Exquisite shape, aged look, silver and gold color of the floor decorative candlestick will make any event unique and magical, whether it’s a romantic evening, wedding or New Year’s Eve.

More light – Candleholder sets

Fans of the exclusive will surely like the candlesticks sets on trays that will decorate any decoration not only at home, but also in public places, such as restaurants or spa salons.

To make a room literally flicker and shimmer, sets of candlesticks made of coloured glass will help you. Yellow, blue, red shades will reflect the shimmering flames and fill the atmosphere with coziness and romance.

Also look great metal or glass candlesticks for large candles in the form of saucer, they will fit perfectly in any interior. This composition is relevant in various contexts – stylish minimalism for your home!

New Year’s glow creates a magical garden atmosphere

a magical garden atmosphere a magical garden atmosphere

What do you associate this holiday with? Of course, Christmas tree decorations, gifts, the smell of pine and tangerines. The time when the whole family gathers at the table is invaluable and you want to make your moments unforgettable. To create a truly magical atmosphere on such a night will help Christmas candlestick. Imagine that the glow in the center of the table will be framed with cones, coniferous wreaths and luxurious compositions of berries! A truly mesmerizing spectacle…

Wooden lanterns are an instant hit in a fairy tale and a sense of the spirit of Christmas, for example, unusual and interesting options in the form of a house with a real roof and windows, where a family of snowmen or reindeer live, which will bring warm memories of childhood. Not just a room decoration, but a real symbol of the new year will be such a product! Choose a tree to your taste: white or natural brown. Looking at such a flashlight, you will want to make a wish! It will be a wonderful gift for both adults and children.

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