Interior decoration

Guest house design idea

How does a summer guest house of dreams look like? Here is a guest house design idea. In our eyes, it should first of all be comfortable, not big, and it should have a patio. We found just such a cottage – you will be surprised – in England. We found a dream summerguest cottage. The interior spaces are small, nice and incredibly cozy. Apparently, this is why the project was called “Little Bear“. The tiny cozy kitchen is joined to the living room, which has one single short sofa. There is also a  dining area. There are quite a lot of tablecloths with chairs. And if not for tea–drinking in the open air, why else build a cottage? On the rocky patio, there are sun loungers, another table with chairs, and a magnificent landscape with a wonderful view of the forest completes the scenery. There is a wood–heated tub to the side of the cottage. The best way to access it is through the sleeping area; there is also a separate entrance. We think this guest house design idea is amazing!

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Garden decoration

Tree Fence Ideas

The fence is a necessary thing: here a couples of tree fence ideas. It will mark the boundaries of the site and protect the territory from uninvited guests. Ideally, of course, the landscape will also decorate itself – but such an ideal is usually expensive, so many holidaymakers choose even unpresentable, but budget fences made of …

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